Simplify the Holidays

Simplify the Holidays

I am so excited….the Holiday Season is upon us and I am here to help you Simplify the Holidays!  I am a total Christmas geek!

But before you begin to read this I want you to take a moment and take a deep breathe in think about how you want to feel this holiday season.  Think back to last year.  Was it relaxing?  Fun and full of joy? Or was it more chaotic and exhausting?  

Let’s begin to simplify your holidays.

Aside from owning a cleaning business, I am a life coach so I thought I would take a moment to share my favorite blog, simplifying the holidays.  I am all about Elevating Living!

I want nothing more than for you to go through the holidays full of joy so here are a few of my suggestions for that to happen.  

Spend Less Money

We’ve all been there… head out to the mall for 1 or 2 gifts and come home with a carload!  And for many, that can often amount to more credit card debt.  Getting to January having spent more than you should have or wanted to leads to stress.  So this year, consider who you are buying for and how much you are spending.  Make a list, check it twice, add a budget and follow it!  You will thank yourself later! 

Experiences vs Material Gifts

If you have children, think about the prior years and where those gifts are now that you bought.  How many are still in play?  

I am not saying don’t buy gifts, but if you do, consider 1 or 2 really meaningful gifts and or special experiences.  My daughter loves spending time with me so an evening out with me at a special event is way more important than a toy she will forget about in a week or two.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Make a plan to ensure you are not over-booked.  This is really important for those Type-A personalities.  Look at what is really important to you.  Keep meals simple, give yourself enough time, and enjoy the process.

Enjoy your events and get help with them if you need to.  You don’t have to do it all yourself!

One year, I pre-cooked my entire Christmas dinner ahead and it only needed to be re-heated.   Doing this allowed me to spend quality time with my daughter and our guests.  

Create Your Own Holiday Traditions

This is about slowing down and living better.  In our home, we open up the dining table as full as it goes and on December 1st we open up a 1000 piece puzzle and we spend our evenings having family time while we do the puzzle.  Our goal is to always have it done a few days before Christmas Eve so we can have the table back for our food!

A few more….

Check Our Local Events

Here in the Lower Mainland, there are numerous events over the season, many of which are free.  Some of our favorites are the Lights at Lafarge Lake, VanDuesen Gardens and heading up Grouse Mountain.

Giving Back

Consider helping those less fortunate by sponsoring a family or doing a few extra donations.  You will feel amazing!

Buy Local!

I don’t need to say more!  There are lots of hard-working people in your own community.  Head to your local Christmas fair and support the locals!

Get outdoors 

Getting outside is so good for our mental health.  Here on the West Coast, we have so many places we can go to get some true nature!  This will do wonders for your stress levels through the holiday season.  

And last but not least, BREATHE.  ENJOY. & LOVE.

Happy holidays,


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