It’s a Choice

It’s a Choice

I thought I would take a few minutes to talk about the philosophy of Elevate Cleaning & Concierge Ltd. (Elevate).  Knowing some of the content may be contentious for some, it is meant to raise awareness more than anything else.  Choosing a cleaner is not an easy decision.  If you are like me, your home is one of the most important things in your life (next to children and your health!)

My goal for clients of Elevate is to bring a professional service to people like myself that are busy professionals that have much on their plate.  They value their time.

My goal for employees of Elevate is to provide them with a chance to learn and grow.  They have opportunities to advance into leadership roles, take on additional responsibilities based on their background and participate in any of the programs I put on in my coaching business like “The Wealthy Woman’s Way”.


Holding true to my philanthropic self, I believe it is equally important to bring this philosophy to the business.  With that in mind, Elevate takes on many initiatives, giving back to the community through donations as well as alliances with Cleaning for a Reason.

Environmentally Responsible

Along with my many years of finance and business experience I also have a background in Holistic Health Coaching.  When I was building Elevate the only option for me was to build a company that was eco-friendly.  The majority of our products are eco-certified and the others are eco-friendly.  Your health is just as important as your home is to us.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges professional cleaners have first and foremost is acquiring good staff.  Second is finding clients that want to pay for high-quality services.  This industry has many people that work under the table for a fraction of the price of a  registered company that is licensed and insured.

There is more to it and I will admit that I didn’t even see this coming when I started my business.  When I started, it was about elevating people. This is what I do best. I am a leader and a business person much more than I am a cleaner.  In fact, I really don’t like cleaning my house, but this is only because I feel my time could be better used to make the world a better place.  Hence why I would hire a cleaning company to assist me in that task. Yes, I can clean and LOVE a clean house. I have very high standards even when I clean myself.  Having said that I seriously value the services of a good cleaner. 

What I did not see or think about until someone else mentioned it to me was that I was doing an even bigger service to my staff.  By employing people (as opposed they work under the table or as independent contractors), they are paying into CPP and will be able to have a bit of a pension when they retire.  This also allows them to apply for credit and possibly get a mortgage some day. When they work for a company they also have the benefit of having health benefits and are insured under WCB should they get injured.  Many things to consider.  I also think it is important to take the responsibility to pay my staff a decent wage.  Recognizing that your staff is your most valuable asset is the key to business success.

It’s A Choice

So while it is tempting to go with the “cheaper price” (and I admit I have done this in the past without understanding of the full picture), consider further the impact of your choice. With Elevate you are not only getting a clean home, you are elevating others (and you!).




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