Cleaning for a Reason

Cleaning for a Reason

In the Beginning

When I first decided to create a cleaning company I did not want it to be just another cleaning business.  I wanted to make a difference. I talk extensively about my business philosophy in my blog It’s a choice. While I do my best to make a difference to my staff and to my clients I wanted to do more.  I truly believe that everyone has a duty and responsibility to give back to this planet. How you do it is not as important but simply that you give more than you take.

When I was building the business plan I wanted to align myself with an organization to be able to give back. At the time I did not know what it was going to be so I thought I would use my go to ones such as Water or building a school or feeding the dump kids in Nicaragua.  The One day I came across Cleaning for a Reason.  From that moment I knew I had to be part of it.  I actually had this sorted out even before I incorporated!

My Experience

Over the past few years, I have lost 11 people that were close to me including my entire immediate family.  This was devastating for me and has taken considerable time to heal from. The ones that really challenged me were those that died of cancer. Cancer has had a huge impact on my life both through friends and family and myself.  2 years ago I had cancer pay me a visit. This was a very challenging experience. What should have been a small mole removal from my leg ended up being significant surgery with 50+ stitches in my leg and hip and a cast to immobilize my leg. My life was turned upside down.

I needed help and lots of it!

As a single parent, I needed support to get my daughter to and from all her summer camps, to do my groceries and errands and a whole slew of other things. During this time there was no such thing as cleaning the house. Life was chaos for us because my Stepfather died the same day I was diagnosed.  

When I discovered Cleaning for a Reason I knew I had to be part of it. I know everyone on my list that had cancer could have benefited, including me had I known it was available.   

So what does it all mean?  Cleaning for a Reason pairs up women living with cancer with cleaning companies that provide 2 cleans for them. (Typically 1 each month) for free.   Elevate Cleaning & Concierge is proud to be affiliated with Cleaning with a Cause and will be taking up to 2 cancer patients a month to do a clean for them.  

I will also add that taking part in programs such as this is excellent for the staff too to be part of something greater.  At Elevate I leave it up to each staff to decide if they wish to participate by donating their hours.

At the time of editing this post, I just got off the phone with our first Cleaning for a Reason client and it just fills my heart that we are able to provide our services to her.  

How You Can Help

Please pass this link on to any women that you know that has cancer so they can be supported too.  

Cleaning for a Reason

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